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Countryside Heroes: 3D Printing Masks

15 year olds Angus and Charlie Graham have been making visors for the NHS using a 3D printer in their home. 

They bought a second-hand printer at Easter and its been running ever since. Each mask takes around one hour and a half to print from the 3D printer which is fed plastic and connected to a computer that gives the exact specifications. The boys are working on a new prototype which would speed up production as it would produce a lighter mask which would be much quicker to print. So far just short of 100 masks have been made for friends working in the NHS.  The boys are very modest about their work and say ‘we’re just trying to do our bit for the NHS’.

Their godmother’s daughter Lara Good, pictured here, is working on the frontline as a NHS Doctor and was happy to give them advice on exactly what was needed.

She says "I am so impressed that at the age of 15, Angus and Charlie read about the PPE shortages and thought ‘what can we do about this? I hope that people across the country willed about what they have done and be inspired to ask the same question. Their creativity and selflessness means that myself and my colleagues feel safe at work. Thank you to Angus and Charlie for their role in the fight against coronavirus.”


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