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Home Floristry Workshop With Alice Strange

We are so lucky to have chatted to the lovely Alice Strange.  Alice has cleverly combined her wonderful flowers with interior styling. As she says herself she loves flowers and loves interiors and no one was uniting the two.  She believes that ordering flowers for the home is too regimented and florists should take into account your home and the style you like.  I think we have all received a bunch of flowers that whilst it was packed with lovely flowers none of them felt quite right in our home and not as we would choose.  Alice cleverly designs with you what you might like for a regular arrangement and then ensures that all deliveries are along that theme and knows exactly what you like. Alice Strange Flowers is London based but also runs private flower courses and workshops either in groups or in 1:1 private tutoring in your own home, teaching you skills you never realised you had using locally grown British flowers. 

Take a look at her fabulous online video which is the start of a mini series of online home floristry workshops, teaching you the simplest of skills to create the most effective, wild and stunning floristry from the contents of your garden. These online workshops will teach you how to make the best of your home without professional skills needed or time taken.  Her online workshops will be live on @alicestrangeflowers Instagram story every Tuesday, at 12:00pm GMT.’



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