• Countryside Alliance Team

Can You Hear the Birdsong?

We can. The huge reduction nationwide of ambient noise from traffic and planes during lockdown means that birdsong is more audible than ever.

Spring is the best time to listen to birdsong and it’s a wonderful way to make you forget your worries and enjoy living in the moment. Wildlife and the environment has benefitted from lockdown and those of us fortunate to be living in the countryside, or in the case of towns, near open spaces or town gardens, can see and hear that benefit loud and clear. It’s the heart of breeding season and male birds everywhere are singing to attract a mate.Their song also wards off competing males.  

The millions of birds that return from Africa are arriving back and we’re waiting to see our first swallows - so hoping that they will return to their mud nests in our barn. Remember to have fresh water out for your birds in the summer when its hot. Our pond is a wonderful attraction for all types of birds and is almost as popular as the bird table.

We love this piece from the Woodland Trust and it’s the perfect time to try and identify the birds in your garden or park by their song.  This is a great thing to do with your children too as so many of us grow up without being able to identify so many important parts of nature. We can teach our children as we ourselves remember our parents teaching us.


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