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Brompton Bikes are our Wheels for Heroes

Perhaps as we all pull together wishing Boris a swift recovery, nothing symbolizes more his time as London mayor than the introduction of ‘Boris bikes’. The love of cycling in our capital has continued to grow and this is perfectly illustrated by the famous Brompton frame and small wheels whizzing through our streets.

CEO, Will Butler-Adams says  ‘Orders are down, staff are self-isolating and our supply chain is in bits, but we have to do something. After lending some excess bikes to Barts Hospital in London things have gone viral. In ten days we used up all our spare Brompton’s, we had 200 out with NHS staff but there was demand for 300 more! We had to do something so we scratched our heads for a day or two and decided we were going to try to make 1000 bikes for the NHS and launched ‘Wheels for Heroes

Will and the team at Brompton Bikes are committing to put in £100k, with support coming in from around the world to make up the rest. Will says ‘The response has been off the chart and we should be getting out 150 NHS Brommies this week with more to come, we are past the £120k mark but have more to do, so any help, no matter how small would be massively appreciated.’

If you have any spare cash at all please click on the link above and pledge anything you might have to help Brompton Bikes provide up to 1000 Brompton bikes to support NHS staff to travel safely and for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Donations from £10 upwards are being rewarded by Brompton Bikes - £10 gains a round of applause from Will and a video of thanks and £250 or more gets a bike named after you and a place on the factory wall of fame.

Chief cardiac physiologist Zoe Carter has recently signed up.  She said:  ‘Since the Covid crisis started my biggest fear was my travel to work on the Tube due to the risk of infection from there.  The roads are quiet and I’m managing to exercise before and after a busy day at work.’

Support Wheels for Heroes Today!

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