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Community Ideas: Lifting Neighbourhood Spirits

Updated: Apr 29

So many people are doing wonderful things in this difficult time and we wanted to share two highly original ideas that we thought you would like.

The first is from Marden near Devizes in Wiltshire. Here are some photos of the Marden phone box as decorated by their local resident and artist Sue Collison. Sue and another resident Lalu Carter run the phone box, and in recent weeks it’s been filled with flowers for Mothering Sunday, then the whole village helped with Easter flowers and decorations for Easter weekend and now Sue has turned it blue with rainbow candles which she lights every Thursday evening. Each resident was asked to make a heart and inscribe a note of thanks to all the carers and front line staff dealing with Covid-19.    We think her designs are amazing and in last week’s clap for the NHS the phonebox was blaring out “Over the Rainbow” sung by Eva Cassidy.  

We love this idea – if you have a phone box in your village why don’t you decorate it and send us your pictures!

A massive thank you to Dood Lloyd-Hughes for sending us this lovely story.

The next  idea we like comes from Bleasby in Nottinghamshire. To celebrate Boris being back at No 10 we rather liked this scarecrow:

Thank you Mrs John Glazebrook for the lovely picture of Boris outside the village pub in Bleasby, Nottinghamshire. We wonder if Boris has popped in to wet the baby’s head? We wish him and Carrie all congratulations on the birth of their son.

Please send us your great community ideas so that we can share and roll them out across the countryside!


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