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Countryside Heroes: Molly Coombs

Molly Coombs at grand get-togethers closed down her three beautiful award winning holiday homes between York and Scarborough before the Government asked her to.

She said it just didn’t feel right to have so many people together.  She has now re-purposed her lovely luxury accommodation which are beautifully positioned in the middle of her working farm and offered the 3 large houses to NHS staff who can not stay at home.  Anyone at high risk and unable to stay at home, has been offered accommodation free of charge.  Not surprisingly local NHS staff are jumping at the offer to keep their families safe. 

It has been life changing for one couple one of whom is a doctor and the other a paramedic who had nowhere to live as they lived with an elderly relative.  They can now, thanks to Molly, relax knowing they can do their jobs and their relative is safe. 

When life is back to normal, let’s remember grand get-togethers, a wonderful spot in North Yorkshire with houses that are large, luxurious and lovingly finished.  Molly puts on everything, whether it’s a special birthday, a wonderful reunion, your wedding, a relaxing time with friends or a much needed family holiday.  Nothing is too much trouble.

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