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Crafty DIY Easter ideas to try with your children during self-isolation

As we all self-isolate or stay at home for social distancing, it is quite uplifting to think of Easter, a symbol of new life and new beginnings. Decorating for Easter is a lovely tradition and we thought we would share some Easter inspiration for anyone looking for some simple, positive activities during this uncertain time.

Easy Easter table centrepiece

Our simple Easter centrepiece for the dinner table is a wonderful way to celebrate spring and bring all the beautiful flowers blooming at this time of year into your home. Send the children out into the garden or take a look in your window boxes for any greenery or flowers and arrange them in a bowl or vase. To add some Easter cheer, decorations are a lovely touch. Some simple Easter decoration ideas, such as painted pinecones or walnuts, can be found on our Pinterest board here.

DIY Easter tree

An Easter tree is a well-known Easter tradition and is so simple to make. It is also a fun activity for children to get involved in, especially collecting the twigs and sticks in the garden. Easter trees can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Painted Easter pebbles

With eggs being increasingly difficult to get hold of in March 2020, why not task your children with painting pebbles from your garden instead? The activity is just as much fun and the finished pebble would make a lovely decoration for your home.

Fun flower hunt in the garden

When we are all looking for activities to fill time when staying indoors, we thought it would be fun to put together a quick children's spring flower search. It is so uplifting to see so many beautiful flowers blooming in our gardens and window boxes and it may be a nice idea idea to pick some of the flowers that your children find and then use them pressed on Easter cards for friends and loved ones.

Wine cork Easter egg stamping craft

If you have any wine corks spare, why not sure them as stamps for this simple and fun Easter egg craft for children. It's a great way to fill time indoors and the finished artwork could be used on an Easter card.

For further ideas, including easy Easter door wreaths and crafts for children, please visit our Pinterest board. Over the bank holiday weekend, you could also try baking our delicious no egg and no flour cakes on our new blog, including a rice and potato chocolate cake, which we promise is absolutely delicious!

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