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Updated - Countryside Heroes: Cranborne makes Masks for the NHS

When Rosemary Jarvis and many of the residents of Cranborne, Dorset received a note from their friend local GP Dr Clare Wedderburn they all sprang into action. Dr Wedderburn’s note was a call to action which went like this:

"Hi Everyone,

There is not enough basic personal protective equipment for medical staff at the front line.

Do any of you have sewing machines?  Any scrap fabrics?

If so…..can you help?

Pattern enclosed.  (We also need aprons.)

Leave your handmade creations at my front door in a plastic bag - any contribution gratefully received

Big thanks in advance,


The sewing machines in Cranborne and surrounding villages have now been working 24/7 and there is a wonderful cottage industry producing masks which are being gratefully used by the local hospitals and surgeries. There are about 7 residents stitching away, 3 machines gave up and have to be mended such was the output. 

The pattern that Dr Wedderburn sent is produced here and we hope that many of you might also help by dusting off your sewing machines and using all those bits of scrap material that you have for masks and even aprons. Rosemary says they’ve used old cotton tablecloths which she found hiding in her linen cupboard, lovely and soft from being well washed. We’d love to see how you do and make sure masks are given to local surgeries or hospitals.

"‘As someone who is isolating all on my own it is such a joy and a privilege to be able to contribute something to our incredible NHS frontline.’"
- Rosemary Jarvis

Make Face Masks for the NHS

We are reproducing the pattern that Dr Wedderburn gave the residents of Cranborne and asking for as many of you as possible to dust off your sewing machines and get makingmasks for the NHS.  Please let us know how you get on.  Local GPs and hospitals will be extremely grateful.  Please note the material can be used and well washed but must be 100% cotton.


Here is a photo of the nurses this morning at work.

Everyone absolutely loves the fabric masks. One of the nurses has been struggling when giving immunisation to babies and plans to use them during her clinic next week. Reception staff are wearing them and each of the GPs has one in their consulting room. Whilst they only provide limited protection compared with full PPE staff are finding it reassuring to have something by means of protection which they can use repeatedly

Thanks for all your efforts!


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