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Easy outdoor nature hunt for springtime fun

The Countryside Alliance team have put together this exciting outdoor nature hunt to help our members, supporters and indeed anyone who is looking for some simple, positive activities during this uncertain time.

As nature starts to wake up from its long winter sleep and trees burst into leaf, flowers cover the ground and animals emerge from hibernation, there’s no better time to stop and take a good look at the amazing natural objects that are all around you.

Nature hunts are a wonderful way to encourage children to use and develop their skills, paying more attention to their surroundings and noticing the incredible variety that the great outdoors has to offer. The Countryside Alliance nature hunt is a great opportunity to encourage learning, advance basic mathematical skills and further knowledge about the natural world.

To take part, simply download the nature hunt tick list above or print it off at home and let your children off on an old-fashioned nature hunt in your garden and see what they can find. You may be surprised at what your garden has to offer! Collecting the items is optional, but if you do, we recommend using a recyclable bag that you can use again in the future.

From blades of grass, to bird eggshells - there are hours of fun to be had on the Countryside Alliance nature hunt. If your child is not able to find all the items on their first try, why not set a target of a few items each day? That way the excitement never ends. The nature trail is also a great opportunity to clear the house of people and burn off some of that excess energy, especially as Springtime takes centre stage and the nights draw out longer.

We have already received glowing reports about the nature trail with communities across the country taking part. Take a look at our Instagram stories for the latest nature hunt reports. Please do share your feedback with us and let the team know what you can find on the Countryside Alliance nature hunt. You can email us images at digital@countryside-alliance.org or tag us in your photos on social media.

Credit: @beatricemarchegiani

Credit: @beatricemarchegiani

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