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Foraging with the Game Chef

Updated: Apr 21

Tom Godber-Ford Moore, aka The Game Chef knows a thing or two about being creative with the countryside’s finest. 

Based in Exmoor, The Game Chef provide the very best game meat products in the country.  Tom cut his culinary teeth cooking around the Mediterranean for clients ranging from Italian artists to the King of Spain. He has eaten and drunk his way around most of the region and now applies all he learnt to the medium of Game. The HQ for The Game Chef is bang in the middle of Exmoor where there certainly is no shortage of Game. Working with the National Trust and local shoots who provide some of the finest meat around, they pride themselves on providing delicious products and catering whilst also ensuring that everything is fresh, local and seasonal. 

Tom made us a great little video yesterday on some easy foraging that can be done on the daily walk.  There are some really easily identifiable plants that would even be found growing in towns, and a great pasta recipe with them.  Let us know how you get on. 


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