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Best Selling Author Gives Free Books

Best-selling author of the critically acclaimed Shetland novels, Anne Cleeves is giving free books to self-isolating OAPs. 

Anne who at 65 is too young to be forced into self-isolation but is caring for her grandson who has asthma. The crime writer who has penned more than 30 novels is keeping in touch with those that are isolating in her community in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear via a WhatsApp group. 

The one thing she felt she could do to help was to lave a box full of books on the wall of her home for anyone to help themselves too. As she says ‘There are people who are self-isolating on my street and everyone is looking out for them and saying do they need anything. The books are for anybody who is self-isolating, some of the libraries are closing.  I have replenished it a bit, I went out first thing. I get sent a lot of books”.

Anne has six grandchildren and lived on the Shetland Isles for one year in her 20s which inspired her BBC series. As she says “If you need books just come and help yourself. I think its kindness that will beat it in the end”. Hear hear Anne, we totally agree.


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