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Escape to Rural India with Mahout

With many of us having had to change and cancel plans for our holidays this Summer, we are beginning to accept that the face of travel in the future is likely to change as a result of Covid-19.

We will need to re-think our holiday plans, perhaps travelling as a safe group of friends, avoiding cities and crowds and visiting more rural areas; travelling less than we used to but spending longer in special places – slow travel; and keeping our carbon footprint low.

Mahout is run by Mary Anne Denison-Pender from her home in a sleepy village near Banbury. Her knowledge of the country is second to none and she and her husband Mike personally look after all travel arrangements. When lockdown came in India, Mary Anne made sure all her clients were safely repatriated and future holidays cancelled.

Mary Anne tell us that India offers a plethora of fabulous, comfortable, unique places to stay where you can immerse yourself in village culture, explore the countryside, and experience the rural life of farming communities – all at the heart of Indian culture. Travel to the fabulous forts of Rajasthan, stay in stunning palaces, tented camps, and private homes with oodles of culture, great food, friendly hosts, intimate atmospheres and all the colour and exoticism that is synonymous with this magical country. Given the devastating effect that Covid-19 is having on these rural communities, by visiting when we can we’ll be helping them to re-build their lives, nurturing vitally important family units, and supporting their local lifeblood, small businesses. According to Mary Anne you can be assured of one of the warmest welcomes in the world.

Until then, we can buy wonderful Dhurries/Rugs and objets d’art from India through the Mahout website. For a tempting taste of some of these amazing places Mary Anne has sent us a video so that we can dream of future travel plans.


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