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Lockdown the Perfect Time for Bridge

Andrew Robson, Britain’s no 1 bridge teacher has been chatting to us this week.  Andrew says “one of the things that comes up again and again is how much bridge seems to brighten people’s day, especially older folk if they are alone."

Andrew continues "Bridge makes its own community with people sending me all sorts of bridge questions from the day’s hands I have discussed on my BridgeCast service. It’s really amazing to see so many people tuning in and learning for the first time. Bridge is also a wonderful way to use your time and you can easily find yourself getting to lunchtime without even making a 2nd cup of coffee"

In response to social distancing, Andrew Robson has launched his new daily BridgeCasts service, a cross between a video and a podcast, ready for you to watch each morning. Three channels are available, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. There are free samples available to get a flavour of how it works, then by monthly subscription, which including VAT works out at about 30 pence a day, with special rates available for those who wish to subscribe to more than one channel.

We have a large group of people who have never played Bridge before, all tuning in every day and learning the basics in their own home, as well as families together, and older people in isolation. There is lots for the more experienced player as well. Do try us out by Clicking here.


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