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Special Offer: Lyons Hill Farm

Updated: Apr 29

Love outstanding beef? Try the legendary White Park, Britain’s most ancient breed. Usually destined for top London restaurants, grab your chance to cook it at home!

Lyons Hill Farm is a small family-run rare breed farm in Dorset; a place where animals graze old pastures and are raised to the highest ethical standards. These cattle are slow to mature and long-lived, which optimises the flavour of their meat. 400 years ago, an English king famously knighted a loin of White park beef that he had so enjoyed!

To keep things moving forward during these turbulent times, this Father-Son duo have made their exceptional White park beef available via home delivery and are now offering Community Cheer readers a 10% discount. This is a rare opportunity to get hold of some delicious White park beef - you won’t have tasted better!

Discount Code: CA10


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