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Some Lovely Old Fashioned Games for Easter

It’s going to be a very different Easter for all of us.  With some lovely sunny weather on the way, some of the following fun games are a good way for children to let off steam and take some good exercise. 

The games are fun as adults and children can play together and you really don’t need more than 2 of you to have a good time.   These games might be a fun addition to the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Treasure Hunt

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Nothing is more fun than a treasure hunt either indoors or outside.  We can remember wonderful family team games – normally an older parent or grandparent paired with a younger family member careering around the garden searching for a thimble which was to be found masquerading as a tulip or a post it note tucked into a swathe of daffodils. 

Always good clean fun and perhaps if you have a garden you might like to have a treasure hunt this sunny Easter weekend.  If you don’t have any outside space, it can always be done inside – perhaps in the confines of one room – whilst you are cooking lunch.  Be careful it gets very competitive!

Obstacle Race

Children love an obstacle race.  You can include simple fun things such as crawling under a blanket, hopping along a plank propped up on 2 flowerpots, skipping, running a short distance with a small potato balanced on a spoon – we do not need to waste eggs! 

Apple bobbing can also be added with apples suspended from a tree on a rope and each contestant has to take a bite - It’s much harder than you think…..!  Always fun to include some water – cork bobbing is great fun and guarantees everyone will get wet.  Place several corks in a bowl half full of water on the floor.  Tell the children to retrieve the corks without using their hands.  Keep a towel handy!  We find that animals love to join in the fun too!

Dressing Up

Children always love to dress up and it makes any of the games you play and the day more fun! Please do send us your photos of Easter costumes worn this weekend!

Submit Costume Photos!

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