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Gardening Corner: Re-Invigorating Your Spring Bulbs for Next Year

Updated: Apr 15

Most of us still have some lovely spring bulbs flowering in the warm sunshine but we all have some clumps that are doing better than others. 

We always think that they will be better next year but didn’t realise that there is a lot one can do immediately after flowering to ensure a much better flower ratio next year.

Those clumps of snowdrops and daffodils which produce few, if any, flowers can be re-invigorated very simply with the same treatment for both.  Thank you John Glazebrook for your words of wisdom and we look forward to more gardening tips in the weeks to come.

  1. Dig up the clumps of flowers that haven’t done so well this year, split the clumps carefully and discard any very small or damaged bulbs.

  2. Remove any flower heads carefully, leaving the leaves intact as they feed the bulbs for the following year.

  3. Water the ground in which they are to be planted if it is very hard.

  4. Preferably using a long handled bulb planter, re plant either in clumps or singly at the usual depth. Both daffodils and snowdrops will tolerate light shade.

  5. Finally give a light dressing of artificial fertiliser - we use Growmore - and you will be surprised next year!

  6. Existing clumps also benefit from a dressing of artificial fertiliser after flowering.


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