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The Vegetable Garden at The Pig...and Top Tips for Potato Planting!

The Pig group of restaurants with wonderful rooms have the Kitchen Garden at the heart of everything they do. They have an obsessive commitment to home-grown and local produce and the wonderful food is always seasonal with only the freshest and most authentic ingredients used. The kitchen gardeners work hand-in-hand with their chefs to create menus bursting with simple British food. What they can’t grow or rear themselves, they source from the local area. This is the foundation of their 25-mile menu.

With all the Pig restaurants closed, they are giving all the vegetables from their kitchen garden to the villages located near each Pig. Make sure you book a visit to one of the Pigs when lockdown is over – you will not be disappointed. They are situated in Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset Devon, Kent and Cornwall. All pubs, restaurants and hotels will need as much support as we can afford…

Top Tips for growing your Early Potatoes by John Glazebrook

1. Prepare the soil by digging well and incorporating compost, peat, farmyard manure. Scatter with fertilizer.

2. Hopefully you have your Scottish seed early potatoes already on end with eyes facing up in a box stored in a cool place – chitting

3. At the end of March when the soil is getting warmer and drier, plant your potatoes in rows 2 foot apart, with potatoes 1 foot apart and about 2” deep.

4. When growth is about 2-3” high, dig the earth from either side to form two trenches to make a ridge around the potatoes.

5. In dry weather they appreciate a good drink! Like us all.

6. The potatoes should be ready in about 10 weeks. The best way to know if they are ready is to dig one plant up to see how big the potatoes are. If they are too small, leave the plants a bit longer but the early tiny potatoes are so delicious it can be a little tempting!

Don't forget to send us photos of your veg garden using the form on the Submit Story page!

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