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Top Tips for Looking After Bush Roses

Hopefully by now, your roses will be budding beautifully. John Glazebrook, our gardening expert with many years of experience, thought it might be useful to give a few handy tips about pruning and how to look after your bush roses this year.

The traditional time to prune used to be mid-March but, with climate change, it can now be done Dec/Jan when the buds are forming.

The object of pruning is to form an open centered bush allowing 3 - 5 strong shoots to grow. The method is to cut out all dead wood, spindly branches and any branches crossing each other in the centre of the plant. Then prune the branches which are left to an outward facing bud at about knee height - making a sloping cut just above the bud.

In April, apply a handful of rose fertiliser to each bush. It is also a good thing to cover your rose bed with bark pieces - available at most garden centres when they are allowed to open - to retain the moisture and control the weeds. Re-apply throughout the summer as the box recommends.

If you see signs of greenfly and/or blackspot spraying every 21 days.  

Dead head throughout the flowering season - and enjoy!


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