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Veyseys Butchers Showcase: Countryside Alliance Awards Finalists 2016

Since the Government’s announcement on social distancing, Veyseys Butchers had to make the decision to close our doors to the public, offering instead a delivery only service, which in itself brought with it new challenges.

With pubs & restaurants also having to close, Veyseys lost a large percentage of our large orders.  This meant to survive in these unprecedented times, we needed to concentrate on our loyal private customer base. Where possible we contacted our customers to ensure they know we were still in business and how they could receive their produce, whilst implementing new ways to increase our customer base by stepping up our social media coverage. 

So overnight changes needed to be made. Ensuring communications were in place, including increased options for telephone ordering along with internet and card processing options, to be able to smoothly operate a successful delivery only service.  This meant our business could continue to thrive, and we saw a healthy increase of customers almost immediately.

A large percentage of our customers have never used their debit card to make a payment over the phone, placed an order online or used social media, so we have been happy to assist them with these new challenges. We have also opened accounts for the early and vulnerable allowing them to pay it of as and when they can. 

We have also invested in new online software to assist us with a smooth order and delivery service, allowing us to gather data on new and exiting customers, ensuring we provide the very best service we can.

Veyseys Butchers hasn’t close the shop even during World War 1, but had no option in the current climate for the safety of our customers and staff alike.

Our business was built on years of good will and providing quality meat.  Our customers understand the current crisis brought about these changes and the new, immediate, change was unavoidable.  New challenges have brought new goals, daily, to us all.

We have adapted, changed systems, brought in more help and tried to keep our sense of humor in these hectic times.  We pride ourselves on our quality and care, this is of utmost importance so, together with our helpful, professional staff our business will survive, if not flourish.  

We thank each and every one of our customers for you patience, understanding, good will and above all friendship shown. With your support we know we can survive this crisis and very much look forward to the day when we can re-open our doors and normal service can resume with banter and laughter direct face to face with you all.

- From all the staff at Veyseys 


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