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Your Stories #2: Positivity All Around

In the past few days we have recieved countless stories of positive efforts made in communities around the country. It is our favorite time of the week - the time to share with you our next installment of Your Stories!

"Our local shop, a Spar store run by owner Edward White and his manager James Stead, has been a Godsend during the Covid-19 period. Thanks to their great rapport with local producers they have managed to keep their shelves stocked with just about everything you need (except loo roll of course!) and a welcoming smile on their staff's faces. When lock-down was announced they started a free delivery service (staffed by volunteers, who will also collect prescriptions etc) to all the local villages which has proved a lifeline for many. They are a shining example of all a community business should be."

- C Cooper

"We live in a small very spread out village in Somerset with a large number of self isolaters - when the full implications of the lockdown became apparent, volunteers distributed leaflets to all households giving details of local help available and this included tel numbers of village representatives - since then we have put together a rota of volunteers to pick up prescriptions and shopping on set days of the week - the rule is to let the village rep know by 10am in the morning and then they will let the person on duty that day know the order -anything not in the chemists that day is then passed on the volunteer going in the next day.This seems to be working! We are also making sure food parcel distributions from local businesses go to the places where is it more needed."

-M Perry

"Congratulations to the Hop Shed Brewery in Suckley for supplying us with their fabulous ales in this time of deprivation. Hani and Sarah have always put the local community into the heart of their business, and we love them for that, but now, they’re also providing a much appreciated home delivery service. All credit to them!"

-P Williams

"On Sunday evening, March the 22nd, we sat around the kitchen table musing over the weekends announcements and immanent lockdown. The doorbell rang at 7:30pm, not expecting anyone, I cautiously answered. To my surprise and delight, I was met by a smiling face and an arm full of eggs ( Two and a half dozen, or in old money, thirty eggs to be precise) and a great big smile. Eggs curtsy of Border eggs - MacLean eggs. What a very kind spirited and welcome gesture. Of the lad speed into the darkness. Viewing Facebook later, I learned that we were not the only recipients that evening. Well played Border and McLean eggs..."

-J Stewart

Bonus Positivity

Meet Kevin, who has begun work on his man cave:

"When people skype on TV they always have interesting artwork or photos pictures etc, books or we can see what football team they support. Far more interesting is what they have to say. I would like start a man / or woman cave of course. To start please see my man cave."


As always, a big thank you from the Countryside Alliance team for submitting your stories! If you'd like to be featured next week, submit your story today!

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