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In order to help the nation self-isolate as efficiently as possible, we have gathered a range of tools, resources and services which can help improve your quality of life. Whether it be interactive maps, showing you where you can most easily find supplies, or downloadable resources to keep you busy at home, we will do our best to keep you engaged.

Big Barn - Discover Local Food

BigBarn is committed to reversing the anti-social trend of the UK food industry. A trend towards the growing mass production of food and control of the market by big business and retailers, giving farmers an average of only 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket. And where milk is cheaper than water in some shops!

BigBarn’s mission is to reverse this trend by reconnecting consumers with their local producers, direct, or through local retailers, and encourage local trade. Giving farmers a better deal and consumers fresher, cheaper, accountable food.

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